Over my lifetime, I spent a lot of time both waiting for a doctor appointment and hours in waiting rooms. I spent a lot of money on medicines, knowing that I have to use them for the rest of my life, so that my disease wouldn't return ... In my case, thanks to the healing by force of nature, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.
Agnieszka Pareto
Healing by Force of Nature


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No medicines, no surgeries - when Nature is your doctor



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it is us who unconsciously create our diseases as their source lies in us. When I finally understood that I cured myself quickly of a long list of diseases just by courageously facing the symptoms thus letting go of the energy of denied and suppressed emotions from the past on one hand and - by 'disarming' my belief system and the obstacles that caused my diseases - on the other. 


I discovered that you do not need to have a medical college diploma to be a competent healer of your own health and life.


My path to a healthy and harmonious life didn't have to lead through medicines, surgeries, special therapies, exhausting gymnastics or complicated procedures of alternative medicine requiring special skills. It turned out that there is a healer within me who has an innate competence to bring me to harmony at all levels of life. It was enough to stop, remain still and let the body's energy flow act. It didn't require effort and brought impressive effects.


In between the waves of acute symptoms I was working hard aiming at spotting all obstacles in me that prevented me from returning to good health. They turned out to be harmful beliefs affecting my self-image and my perception of reality. I started pulling them out of me one by one like the beads on a rope, 'detonating' their emotional charge and allowing life's energy to flow.



I started feeling my body and letting the suppressed emotional energy flow through me.

I surrendered unconditionally to what I felt and allowed freed life's energy to heal me.



The breakthrough in thinking about disease and life difficulties:

Diseases are not CAUSES but RESULTS of stress which is caused by believing in false thought structures 'charged' emotionally, existing in our mind.



When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves. 

Viktor E. Frankl 
If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place. Primary reality is within; secondary reality without.
Eckhart Tolle, The Power Of Now

Despite many years of being sick, a healthy life, completely free from medicines and surgery is still possible.


However, since the disease was developing for years, 'unwinding' also takes some time and it will not be a day or a week. It may take several weeks or months and require full attention and patience, accepting some periods of physical and emotional discomfort and taking a deep journey into yourself. You will need to make your disease your friend who has dared to tell you the truth about you and your problem in your entire life which you didn't realize.



Your good health returns effortlessly

when you courageously look
your fear and pain in the eye


A simple and natural method that helps to eliminate permanently of many diseases, such as:


  • nasal polyps (with no medicines and no surgeries)

  • asthma

  • migraines

  • chronic constipation

  • varicose veins

  • cellulite

  • sinus toothaches

  • back pain

  • spine pain, limb pain

  • smoking

  • autoimmune diseases

  • depression

  • and others


Healing by Force of Nature

Agnieszka Pareto