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Where is the whole idea from?


Breakthrough in thinking and the great beginning

How exactly did I start healing?

Biggest challenges to the healing process


Action through non action - a type of action that does not contain any element of struggle or excessive effort. It is maintaining a state of mind in which actions are quite effortless, in harmony with the current of life. Sometimes this action is to refrain from acting in favor of allowing another action, e.g. forces of nature
The Pareto principle - to a large extent, 20% of our efforts corresponds to 80% of the effects (simplified version)
Self-regulation of the body - the body's built-in ability to maintain a state of homeostasis and restore it to that state after getting out of it
In brief:


I have discovered both 'action through non action' as well as 'Pareto principle' long before I reached my health crisis, which pushed me to rethink completely all I knew in my life so far and forced me to apply the knowledge in practice in a rather brutal way. The third discovery, made shortly before the decision to start healing by the force of nature, was finding the principle of self-regulation in a living organism which recovers from a disease on its own, if its causes disappear. All you need is to find out what these causes are and remove them.
A few years ago, probably not accidentally, I came across information about an Italian economist whose discoveries and conclusions affected me like electricity and it was exactly what I was looking for many years, it is referred to as the Pareto principle. In brief and perhaps a little in my inaccurate interpretation, the rule says that 20% of the workload usually leads to 80% of the effect. Little is enough to achieve a lot. A kind of leverage, disproportional to the small amount of work that produces an impressive outcome. Like a jack for a car - you lift a several-ton vehicle with a few light presses on a small device.

The discovery of one of my favorite principles confirmed my belief that what I was looking for wasn't only a figment of my imagination. The Pareto principle described an existing law to achieve things in an easy and effective way at the same time and if I apply it to healing, it won't require colossal effort on my part, but it takes only finding a leverage to cure myself.

Both of the above principles still needed to be translated into the language of PRACTICE. What exact steps are necessary to start healing? Along the way, it turned out that many more questions would have to be answered.


Another belief I was subconsciously holding in my mind was that healing must be a SIMPLE thing,  possibly not easy, but simple.

All my life I have felt that hardship and proverbial blood, sweat and tears in achieving goals are not the right way, at least for me anyways. Somewhere deep down inside me I was convinced that great things, and generally anything in life, can be achieved with lightness and grace, all you have to do is know where to press the right button. This button is like a kind of leverage that launches a whole set of processes that do all the work for you, no matter what your goal is. Your only 'job' is to find where the magical button is hidden. So I am not the one to do this work personally, but to find an effective way for it TO BE DONE. Of course, I'm making it very simplified for the sake of easier understanding. Naturally, I have to do some work, but knowing the optimal way, I can achieve an enormous effect at minimal cost.

My innate passion for laziness (yes, yes - "idleness" on the couch) made me look through all my life for what brings great effects with minimum effort. At the time, I didn't know exactly what I was looking for. The problem was also that I was tough on myself for laziness and forced myself to work (= action according to a certain definition) or judging  severely for being 'lazy'. It didn't prevent me though from feeling there's something beyond, that perfectly combines both 'laziness' and 'effectiveness' at the same time.

In search for some existing law for doing things easy and effective I bounced back and forth from hard work and exhaustion to total laziness and ​​neglecting my duties. I was not able to track it down as I didn't have a clear reference point in this case. Just the vague thought that healing as well as other things should be simple and effortless.


Understanding came only when I realized that ACTION IS ANY ACTIVITY - EVEN IF IT IS INVOLUNTARY. For example, all processes in my body are the result of ACTION. ACTIVITY of an immeasurable amount that is more or less autonomous parts that ACT intensively  24/7. I live thanks to their fantastically organized ACTION, even when the so-called 'I' is sitting on the proverbial sofa doing nothing. 

I noticed in my stillness on the sofa that MY CONSCIOUS MIND HAS  SIGNIFICANT INFLUENCE ON MY BODY's CONDITION. And I also noticed that the mind has some degree of decision-making power over  processes occurring in the body.

I have come up with a new understanding of activity. I found out later, that it has been known for ages as so-called action through non action, described by the sages.

To put theory in practice, I needed to withdraw from using all medicines aimed at bringing me immediate, but temporary relief from suffering and then wait for what happens next. There might be some physical occurrences of my body's response to this decision. In order to support myself, I needed to create a healing friendly environment - preferably a natural rhythm lifestyle, without an alarm clock, which has always seemed to me as impossible and then wait to see what happens.


I knew way before, of course, that I can't do much by just thinking and gaining knowledge, because I also need the action to make them work. I assumed I had to take care of my health. 'I' which is the part of me that is responsible for knowledge and decision-making about the body. And so I did with all the determination I had. It's just that until then,  action for me was something done in person, hand-held, external, conceived in my mind, so I was acting in accordance to such definition to cure my disease. However, as I figured out later, it turned out that the assumption was good, but incomplete as it was based on very incomplete definition of action I acted upon. According to my opinion at that time the so-called sitting on the proverbial couch and 'doing nothing' was not an action and that's how I was brought up and taught. According to my definition, action was 'doing actively' some work and this type of thinking was aligned with typical social understanding. In my acquired ignorance I didn't assume that even if the so-called 'I' is sitting on the sofa or even sleeping (is sitting and sleeping action, by the way ? while on the subject of action...), there is something inside 'me' that works 24/7 to keep me alive and to give me the best quality of life available at the moment. 

My misunderstanding of the concept of 'action' and the assumption that only a certain type of activity can be classified as action and/or work, led me, among others, to a poor standard of living. And that is why, despite attempts to help myself by using newer and newer methods, not only didn't I recover, but ultimately the disease advanced to a degree preventing me from normal functioning at all.



I've tried many ways to recover before I realized that a condition that had hampered my life since its very beginning was called a disease. I became interested in the subject -  causes, treatment and so on as I studied about diseases in many ways, reaching for both conventional and alternative medicinal approaches. I wanted to heal from my disease and feel good. It seemed almost impossible to know more (not literally, of course, this is a figurative expression for the amount of information that I have acquired in this topic). The problem was, that I couldn't apply this knowledge. I circled around the subject like a fly around horse dung, but I still didn't understand what it was all about.

I also felt with the sixth sense, that it was not my way. 'It' meaning , steroids and surgery on one hand and on the other - special diets, yoga, breathing techniques, affirmations, visualizations, positive thinking and other acts of conscious action aimed at recovery. It is not that they are bad but just incompatible with my nature. Although - what exactly my nature was - I did not know myself, either. I did try out many of these techniques but none of them I felt, worked for me. 

I read tons of books about healing and implementing changes in life, and although the advice I found sounded beautiful, I couldn't apply any of them. I was mesmerized by very attractively sounding slogans like: Love yourself !, Be good to yourself !, Start taking care of yourself !, Put yourself first! But there was a voice of reason in my head asking: Ok, fine, but how? How? How? What does that mean exactly ?! So, what exactly should I do? !!! What first step should I take?

I couldn't find the answer anywhere. So I kept wandering about ...

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Action through non action
Pareto principle
Self-regulation of the body

Action through non action Pareto principle Self-regulation of the body

Three basic rules of Healing by Force of Nature

Healing by Force of Nature
Agnieszka Matysiak 
Over my lifetime, I spent a lot of time both waiting for a doctor appointment and hours in waiting rooms. I spent a lot of money on medicines, knowing that I have to use them for the rest of my life, so that my disease wouldn't return ... In my case, thanks to the healing by force of nature, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

Agnieszka Matysiak 
Healing by Force of Nature


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