Over my lifetime, I spent a lot of time both waiting for a doctor appointment and hours in waiting rooms. I spent a lot of money on medicines, knowing that I have to use them for the rest of my life, so that my disease wouldn't return ... In my case, thanks to the healing by force of nature, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.
Agnieszka Pareto
Healing by Force of Nature


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What is necessary for healing is Identyfing and removing obstacles on the way of energy flow in our body. The body does the rest by itself.

Every living creature's body is an autonomous and precise system that has the ability to self-regulate - maintain health and restore healing to the body. 




The body's autonomy

Our body can recover from injuries, diseases or any forms of psycho-physical imbalance. In more complicated cases, where there was a need for medical intervention, this is ultimately our body that 'glues' tissues together and brings the optimal state to the entire system.


Why does the body sometimes fail to self-regulate?

Although the body has the vast potential for self-regulation, I have noticed that not always it is able to recover on its own. It surprised me, especially in this day and age where we have achievements of modern technology, medicines and cutting edge medical procedures at our disposal. I took a closer look at why this could be so and concluded that one of the factors that contribute to the fact that our bodies fail to recover from chronic diseases and we can't cure certain conditions at all is that - paradoxically - we do not have time for being sick and for healing. We have numerous obligations - work, loans, a family to support, busy schedules, the compulsion to look attractive, and we need a quick return to full functionality if we happen to fall ill and have a moment of weakness. Our rush, impatience, and attitude 'I want it now' make us provide the body with quick relief by using medicines or other practices to speed up processes that cannot be accelerated, and our interference results in disrupting the self-regulation processes.


Impatience also has to do with the fact that we do not realize how vital our analytical role is in recovery from disease and its significant health effects by using a low-effort thought process. Understanding the self-regulatory process allows us to see that there is a self-contained mechanism within us to keep us healthy and if trouble does arise, our role is only to identify potential disruptors and correct them.


The body is slow

The processes in the body are relatively slow. Our high-speed technology has not yet been able to accelerate them. The measures we take to return to work, school or wherever we are required to be at don't cure us of diseases but only provide relief and suppression of symptoms, which allows us to work while still sick. Without it, we would be too weak and incapable of work because the body cannot comply with the 3-day sick leave, especially if we hadn't given it as much time to recover as it needed in the past.


The symptom is just the tip of an iceberg

If we are persistent and remove the symptoms of a disease that disrupt us in our daily life persistently, it will subside over time and allow us to function. Many of us believe that we have recovered, so if something in another part of the body 'catches' us after a while, we tend to treat it as something completely new, unrelated to the previous one. However, my observations confirm that today's suppressed runny nose turns into bronchitis tomorrow, and the suppressed bronchitis turns into asthma further on. Not only that, we could still find a connection between those symptoms here, but we will certainly not associate a runny nose with subsequent intestinal problems, which are interwoven as the practice shows. The disease at any part of our body is the result of the whole system's state, but only a given place shows symptoms. We are a biological system and just like in a family, company, country or any community, the problem of one part always indicates the issue of the whole thing and should be treated only in a holistic approach. We also forget about such important matters as the fact that physical symptoms often reflect an imbalance in our psyche, manifesting our sadness, despair, or many years of regret in the form of diseases.


Do we have to be doctors to be able to heal ourselves?

We don't need to be knowledgeable about medicine to stay healthy or recover from diseases. Excluding complicated life-saving surgeries for which we are not competent, we can overcome most conditions on our own, if we know what we need to do.


So what is needed to cure? By 'cure,' I mean to heal naturally, not to achieve an effect of feeling better after artificially suppressing the symptoms.


The key to healing - removing obstacles

I have noticed that the body's self-regulation takes place by itself, without our active help, but sometimes the body has a problem with recovery because there are obstacles that it cannot remove itself and which make this process difficult or even impossible.


It brings up an analogy with a river where there is a fallen tree trunk, around which small impurities accumulate, creating a blockage on the river and preventing its flow. The river doesn't need to run its waters for it. It 'knows' best how to do it. What it needs is to remove the obstacle, because it cannot do it itself, and if we do it, it will return back again.


It is similar in regard to the body. Life energy is like a river, and it flows as long as we live. If we become sick, the symptoms show that some obstacles disrupted the energy flow and that the body needs our help to remove them. Unfortunately, we are used to giving too simplified diagnoses and treating the problem where a symptom occurs, taking it out of context instead of in-depth analysis of the whole system. However, the reality is that migraine doesn't have to start in the head, and asthma - in the lungs. Indeed, we will not always be able to determine the cause of what is happening inside us. However, if we only give ourselves the opportunity and time to analyze, the body will lead us to where something stands in the way of self-regulation.


External and internal obstacles

What are the usual obstacles that make it difficult or impossible for the body to recover? Usually the same: of the external type - noise, polluted environment, excess of toxins in water and food, the pace of life to which we have to force ourselves to keep up, the company in which it is difficult to be ourselves, and of the internal type - pushing ourselves to do things against our will, fear, insincerity towards ourselves, actions that do not comply with our internal moral code, and all their variations. A human being, despite its complex structure, needs very simple things to function properly - good sleep, living according to their natural rhythm, healthy food, and internal consistency - acting following their innate moral nature, i.e., conscience, which as a result, provide satisfying relationships with oneself and with others.


The laws of healing

So what to do then when the symptoms occur? First of all - find time to deeply reflect on ourselves, bearing in mind the following rules, from which - whether we like it or not - we will not escape very far.


1. The body has the ability to self-regulate, which means that under appropriate conditions, it can regulate itself - maintain and restore lost health.


2. For self-regulation to occur, undisturbed energy flow through the body is necessary (= appropriate conditions for self-regulation).


3. Disease symptoms are information that the energy flow has been disrupted and blocked for some reason.


4. The body needs our help in locating and removing obstacles to the energy flow and possible support to help restore the flow of energy on the one hand, and not interfere with the self-regulation process on the other. The body doesn't need us to do things for it, such as measures to remove symptoms. Thanks to the undisturbed flow of energy through our body, healing processes take place spontaneously.


5. Suppression of symptoms for quick relief doesn't pay off because the price for them are chronic diseases, the recovery of which is often associated with physical and mental suffering and requires time, effort, and sometimes dramatic life changes.


6. As long as the body is alive, it is possible to cure itself permanently, if the obstacles to the flow of energy and the effects of long-term blockages are removed. It often requires willpower and determination, however, it is worth every second that is devoted to it.


Basic laws of healing

Nature heals itself when there are no obstacles in the flow. To help in self -regulation means to find obstacles in the flow and remove them.

Healing by Force of Nature

Agnieszka Pareto