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3 basic rules of Healing by Force of Nature

Where is the whole idea from?

Breakthrough in thinking and the great beginning

How exactly did I start healing



Certain stages of my healing process did not look like I was getting any better at the moment and if you think in a way that is rooted in conventional medicine to bring relief in suffering by all means, my suffering must have made my loved ones worried, despite of assurances that the stages of natural healing look like regression sometimes.  I'm sure they were also just simply worried about me which is human. My challenge here, was enduring their suffering while I was suffering, as they didn't possess my knowledge of the healing process and make them understand that everything was fine the way it was, to ease their sense of helplessness. I was lonely in my suffering and they were in theirs as well, I knew that the only way to save them from their concern about me was ... to show them that I was indeed becoming healthy! As it seems now that they have slowly been 'healing' their doubts as I present myself with better health each day.
It was also one of the challenges that in some cases took a relatively long time for me to understand a given lesson (this is, certainly, only my assessment as there is no objective 'right' amount of time needed for recovery - maybe all that leads to recovery should be considered as 'right'?), but learning my mind and body communication subtleties required taking certain paths several times repeatedly before I finally understood what was optimal for me and could adopt an easier path forward. As I had no reference to what the healing should 'look like' based on somebody else's experience and my instinct's instructions were hard for me to understand on the other hand, long weeks of seeing no significant  progress was undermining my hope and enthusiasm.

Doubt was my common companion on this path, but it wasn't big enough for me to give up, but it did reduce some of my strength that I needed to heal. Fortunately, the body always, even if after longer delays, provided me with signals that made me feel I was on the right path, ready to withstand the next phase of the unknown. Now I know that progress takes place constantly and if there are longer times of no apparent change for better, it is because some processes occur underground and takes time sometimes before their results show up.


Healing by force of nature required initially a strength coming from my certainty and based on instinctive knowledge that appeared to be sometimes a step backwards, was actually only a stage that needed to be endured with patience. It turned out to be quite a difficult time full of doubts as to whether the mind deceived me or if I was right about the assumptions that I made all along. Well, it may have turned out that I was completely wrong and my efforts and suffering would prove futile.

I can already say, however, that I will never come to such a conclusion, because presumably even if I don't achieve the assumed goal (allowing the forces of nature to make my body remove nasal polyps), nothing was futile and the overall significant health improvement that I have achieved so far was worthy of all the efforts I made.

During prolonged times  of pain and breathing difficulties, I was haunted by the temptation of taking advantage of the good old method of bringing myself relief and taking medicines. In fact, I did so several times, but - as I wrote in my diary - I had to pay a high price for those decisions.


You need to be focused on what you feel


One of the biggest challenges were headaches that lasted for almost a year, day by day, which forced me to enormous focus in order to withstand them. Only full cooperation with the pain allowed me not only to go through it, but also to get emotionally stronger and to alleviate the fear of pain which turned out to be surprisingly educational and beneficial experience. I managed to survive it and I can tell now how much I lost trying to dodge it for so many years before. 

If I had known then what I now know, many weeks of migraine strength pain would have been much easier to survive. I strongly believe that the knowledge of how the healing process might look gives a patient huge amounts of hope and strength to endure hardships. I myself did not have any reference as to how it would be and how long it would last, based on external information, however, I had a strong instinctive belief that I was headed in the right direction and my conviction served me as a signpost and lifebuoy in the darkest hours of the healing process.

It was similar with my asthma in many ways. The initial times were the hardest as I didn't know what to expect, if a single attack of asthma would finish after hours, days or weeks or maybe I could not have endured it at all. The fear of the unknown brought  me initially a lot of stress and tension that made breathing even more difficult, however, as I found out after just a few attacks, the longest one lasted not more than a few hours and it was only one of the few of such types. In most cases, when I successfully managed my fear so I could control my breathing, the relief usually came not later than an hour or so and a dry, suffocating cough turned into a wet one, allowing to clear the respiratory ducts. Looking from this perspective, as I no longer sense fear and I am more relaxed, the attacks become shorter and weaker and the body has been learning to get out of them faster and faster. 
full time job while suffering from all of the symptoms was a huge challenge for me ('was' as now I live my own rhythm lifestyle that I enjoy immensely and my health started getting better significantly).  It made it harder and slower to heal when: 

I had to 'go' to work where I needed to combine the company rhythm with my sickness which was in total conflict,

I had responsibility for then financially dependent children and I needed to put their needs first,

I had to work with other people trying not to burden them with my health condition (even if it was not contagious), which meant hiding my symptoms and putting a lot of energy into it,

I had to work 8 hours a day at the computer, which was especially hard with strong headaches. 

All that consumed a lot of energy, leaving no time for rest and regeneration while slowing down the healing process.

I noticed that while I was functioning 'socially' at work, I suppressed and diligently removed my symptoms, hid what I really felt and forced myself to do what I didn't feel like doing at all. I used huge amounts of energy to maintain a certain facade, depleting the resources needed to regenerate the body. As during the healing process, I had times with and without my own rhythm, I see a fundamental difference between them in favor of the former ones. It was difficult to combine healing and a busy business life, however, my determination to achieve what's the most important for me won.



Indeed, the swelling sinuses that kept generating lots of fluid as well as  watering and burning eyes, accompanied me almost non-stop for the first few weeks. 

Someone who suffers from chronic sinusitis and/or nasal polyps knows exactly what I'm talking about. You just lose your will to live.
Once you get there, the view makes you forget all hardships


If someone had told me a few years earlier that I would have had such a condition - I would have never believed that I could have withstood that.

After discontinuing the medicines, my nose got blocked up completely. I wasn't able to breathe whatsoever. Nights have become a real nightmare and torture as I woke up many times with inside of my mouth completely dry  and a feeling in my nose as if a tennis ball was stuck in it. The feeling of pressure inside the sinuses and runny nose at the same time as well as total inability to blow my nose made me feel hopeless, despair, panicked, angry, and finally sad and apathetic (temporarily, as it turned out later). 

In the process on which I decided and which I'm sure leads me to good health, my nose is still blocked most of the time, but each day I feel I am getting better and knowing what is at stake, I am able to go through it easily now.  Sometimes the nose gets unplugged and it happens  more and more often.
Symptoms that are hard to withstand unless you know what 's at stake

Biggest challenges to the healing process

Healing by Force of Nature
Agnieszka Matysiak 
Over my lifetime, I spent a lot of time both waiting for a doctor appointment and hours in waiting rooms. I spent a lot of money on medicines, knowing that I have to use them for the rest of my life, so that my disease wouldn't return ... In my case, thanks to the healing by force of nature, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

Agnieszka Matysiak 
Healing by Force of Nature


3 basic rules of healing by force of nature

Biggest challenges to the healing process

Benefits of healing by force of nature

Symbolic meaning of nasal polyps and sinus diseases

How exactly did I start healing

No medicines, no surgeries - when Nature is your doctor