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3 basic rules of Healing by Force of Nature

Where is the whole idea from?

How exactly did I start healing

Biggest challenges to the healing process



The next day, or in fact the very same night, I started acting accordingly, which means allowing the forces of nature to act.

My initial result of my new and improved internal communication was a decision to discontinue my current efforts to bring immediate relief to the body with medicines which caused more harm than good. I decided (for the second time in my life) that I would not undergo sinus surgery and allow forces of nature to act instead. In other words, I will put myself to action through non action mode and allow my body to carry out the self-regulation process, in which 'I' will assume the role of helper and not the ruler anymore.


I noticed that the language of the body is a non-verbal language of sensations and feelings. The reading and interpreting of the body signals can be a challenge, as it speaks the language of sensations (tingling, tickling, pain, cramps, numbness, etc.) and / or emotions (sadness, regret, fear, joy etc.), which contains an unusual amount of subtlety. It is the level of empathy and knowledge of your own mind that decides how well the body will be understood, and in the further process - how precisely its needs will be met. 

It is a similar way of communication, like in an infant who has not developed the ability of verbal communication yet and the guess work by trial and error method is necessary in order to find out what they need and the measure of success in guessing a baby's needs is its satisfaction and in the long run, health. In adults, communication goes a similar way, where in case of poor guessing of our body signs, as a result, we get  loss of balance and if the situation prolongs, disease.

The mind uses thoughts that can be expressed in words and has the ability to receive and interpret the body signals and make decisions based on them and other information it has access to and you can tell by the individual's condition a lot about their quality.

Well, my condition wasn't the best. I decided to take a closer look at how my mind and body communicates with one another and if anything can be improved here. 

I started to analyze how I made decisions in the past, these were the decisions  I made based on certain types of signals and what their consequences were.

I noticed that my repeated mistake (for the sake of this reasoning I call the decisive part of me as 'mind') is incorrect interpretation of the body signs. What was the 'incorrectness' about? For example, many times I felt a nauseous feeling in the stomach, which the mind interpreted as hunger and in such cases, I chose to eat some food, after which I started feeling even more nauseous. In my mind library, I had this feeling associated with hunger, but in fact the association must have been wrong as my decisions didn't lead to fulfilling the need, moreover, caused extra discomfort whereas the nauseous feeling was still there and frustrated me. I didn't know what was wrong and how to find out what my body needed.

I wasn't quite clear what to do and how to break out of the vicious circle of body signal misinterpretation. The only thing I could come up with is to act different from before which was to STOP after each body signal and give myself a couple of minutes before any interpretation regarding what my body wanted from 'me'.

It wasn't much at the start, but at least I left behind the point where I couldn't take any further steps. A new goal appeared, which was actually still the same - good health but with a slightly modified way to achieve it by better decisions based on improved internal communication between the body and mind. 


While reflecting on how decisions about my health are made by myself, I noticed that I consist of two entities which cooperate with one another in order to keep me alive, this is a physical being (the body) and a mental being (the mind - the conscious part of me, which usually hampered and disturbed my body). I allow myself to simplify the idea of much more complicated structure in order to easier express my thoughts here.

I noticed that there is a kind of 'dialogue' between them, the type of communication and its effectiveness decides to a large extent on the level of my health. 

I understood that a healthy person can function excellent without knowing it exists, because it works naturally and automatically. However, in my case, when a crisis occurred, I needed to break the whole mechanism down to understand its working principle in order to find out what causes malfunctioning of the system and after removing  it, implement correct procedures. I needed to find what the problem is and fix it to be able to start, perhaps for the first time in my life, using it for my own good.


Healing by Force of Nature is as a dialog and health - as fruits of this dialog
There is Order no matter what you think. You can fight against it and defeat. Or think you defeat as you always win.
Healing by Force of Nature takes a lot of patience and mental strength but brings spectacular effects as a result
Therefore, I came up with the thought that if my body heals my injured finger on its own, why wouldn't it heal my nasal polyps as well? Theoretically it should, but instead my nasal polyps get worse and worse. Why? What's the difference between the finger and my nasal polyps situation? 

Why don't I apply medicines to the finger situation and it is healed?
Why do I apply medicines in the polyps situation and they are not healed but get worse?  

Logic would suggest that what makes the two above situations different is application of medicines and it seems like they are in certain way an obstacle in healing the sinuses, therefore, I concluded that, based on self-regulation principle, my sinuses should start healing automatically, at least theoretically, if I remove the obstacle. 

That was my moment of clarity in what to do next so I decided to check in practice if really discontinuity in medicines would bring nasal polyps disappearance and good health for my sinuses.


Understanding comes with a new perspective
All in all, there is a part of each day in which my awareness is off and it occurs when I am asleep. And what happens to me then? I don't know much about it, however I know that I'm still alive when I wake up from sleep. I regain consciousness, get up and start functioning normally. 

I started thinking deeper about my functioning after waking up every day and I realized that in the past, I often discovered in such moments that some wound had healed from the previous day or sometimes got worse, but ultimately improved a few days later. I found out that during sleep, despite the fact that 'I did nothing as I was only sleeping', something in me kept my heart pounding, repaired damage, healed wounds, removed toxins, kept constant body temperature in various conditions, breathed, digested food and did a lot of other things that I don't even know. I discovered that a part of me does that for me and that exists independently from my consciousness and it is doing pretty well keeping me alive without it. That part of me, in a sense, 'manages' the body overall. 

I came to the conclusion that  during sleep, my body attempts to maintain or regain the health state and that it 'knows' what and how to do it. The conscious 'I' does not need to do anything while sleeping in order to wake up in the morning with a healed wound. What's more - the conscious 'I' - as practice has shown - with a complete lack of competence in the matter of cooperation with one's own body, in a state of being awake does more harm than good. Therefore, for the good of the whole system, it would be better for it to turn off for as long as possible or get reeducated well enough to start supporting my body and not to sabotage its attempts to keep me alive. 

I realized that the conscious part of me does not have the function and power to make me healthy, which means that it cannot 'fix' a broken bone or heal wounds, but my body can do it for me, yet only if conscious 'me' will make decisions that support its attempts. It still remained to specify what kind of decisions  support my body and which didn't

These reflections helped me realize that my body is a highly autonomous unit which works to maintain the optimal state of the whole system within given conditions and whenever the system gets out of balance it takes every effort to regain it. In other words - the body is programmed to stay healthy and self-regulation is a kind of software that runs as long as the body lives, regardless of my awareness of this process. Until that moment, I realized that even without knowing that self-regulation existed I came out of numerous minor diseases easily.


Healing process occurs always - even when you don't 'do' anything
While I was searching for the answer to the question, why I am moving away from good health instead of moving toward it, another question came to mind - Am I at all able to answer it? Do I know what I'm talking about? Do I know what I'm trying to get closer to and as a result, moving away from? I asked myself if I have any idea what health is. Where does it come from? What makes a person healthy and what doesn't? What role do I play in my own health? An who is 'I' anyway?

Gradually, I began to realize that all my conscious efforts so far, were counterproductive for unknown reasons. Conclusion - something in my consciousness has an impact on this condition, but what? I couldn't answer that at first, so I brainstormed a bit asking myself about what would happen if my consciousness was turned off. Will the body do better, worse or maybe nothing would change? And then I had a moment of clarity.


So what's next? Now that the old pathway has been abandoned.

I started reflecting deeply on the history of my disease and the questions about how I came to this point began to come to mind. I started asking myself what was wrong and what mistakes did I keep making?



The moment I realized that, was when I had reached a point in my health crisis which was severe breathing difficulties (due to hypertrophy of the polyp tissue in all sinus spaces, including their openings) and the inability to improve this condition using either conventional or natural medicines on one hand and on the other - my refusal to have surgery. I reached the point where, to my knowledge, I was not able to take further steps without total reevaluation and this was indeed a major turning point in my treatment.
Big impact of seemingly small decision to stop your old ways

Ever since I have read these words from the book 'A Man in Search of Meaning' they had a huge impact on me. I didn't quite know what they meant, but somehow I felt they told the truth.  There came a moment when I realized I already knew their meaning when I couldn't make any further move without changing myself, because all external attempts to change my body's condition kept turning out futile.

When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves. 

Viktor E. Frankl 

Instead of my personal hardship in curing, power and grace of Nature

Breakthrough in thinking and the great beginning

Healing by Force of Nature
Agnieszka Matysiak 
Over my lifetime, I spent a lot of time both waiting for a doctor appointment and hours in waiting rooms. I spent a lot of money on medicines, knowing that I have to use them for the rest of my life, so that my disease wouldn't return ... In my case, thanks to the healing by force of nature, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

Agnieszka Matysiak 
Healing by Force of Nature


3 basic rules of healing by force of nature

Biggest challenges to the healing process

Benefits of healing by force of nature

Symbolic meaning of nasal polyps and sinus diseases

How exactly did I start healing

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