Over my lifetime, I spent a lot of time both waiting for a doctor appointment and hours in waiting rooms. I spent a lot of money on medicines, knowing that I have to use them for the rest of my life, so that my disease wouldn't return ... In my case, thanks to the healing by force of nature, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.
Agnieszka Pareto
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Providing peace and rest to the vagus nerve leads to alleviating of many known diseases and ailments connected with trauma and stress.

A disease is not for fighting off, but to understand. Symptoms are pieces of information about an imbalance in the body. Removing them for the sake of quick relief is a common mistake in thinking.





We know we are sick - by the symptoms. This is how the disease manifests itself. The symptoms are unpleasant, so on average, we want to get rid of them as soon as possible and feel good again. If we don't know where the disease came from and don't remove its cause, but merely the symptoms, we only provide an artificial well-being. The cause, however, will still try to reveal itself otherwise. It acts like water - if we don't spot the source of the leakage and remove it, but only patch the hole in the pipe - the water will leak out from the other side.


Especially in the case of chronic diseases, which are considered not to take our lives abruptly, but still are burdensome, it is difficult to determine where they started from. The cause may be hidden very deeply and, even after careful analysis, not entirely clear.


Besides, we tend to treat the symptoms where they show up at, for example, in the head area if it is about the sinuses, if the sign shows up in the lungs - we tend to treat the lungs, if in the stomach - then the stomach becomes an object of treatment, if in the kidneys - we administer medications meant for the kidneys, etc. However, the problem may be located in a very distant part of the body. For example, the sinus problems are often related to intestinal dysfunction, and asthma problems are much related to vagus nerve irritation. It is also not new, because it is a fact already known in traditional Chinese medicine thousands of years ago that not only the symptom and its cause may lie on two extremely distant poles of the body, but the cause of the disease may not even be in the realm of the body but the psyche.


Native American shamans, to 'diagnose' the patient who reported their problem to them, moved into their homes and stayed with them for many days. They were observing the patient's entire environment thoroughly, analyzed their relations with household members and neighbors, eating and sleeping habits, regularity in going to the bathroom, watched them in all their moods and the body and mind states every day, being perfectly aware that everything without exception has a significant impact on the current condition of a person.


In today's modern civilization, we have come to the point that a visit to a doctor's office lasts approximately 10 minutes (unless we have money for a private visit - then a bit longer). During this time, our very complicated and long 'cultivated' disease is diagnosed, and in the end, we are handed a prescription listing a couple of drugs to get quick relief from our suffering. Next, please!


The doctor is not to blame here, and it does not make sense, in my opinion, to look for the guilty anywhere in this system. It's about realizing that no one will understand or heal us as the doctor can only bring us relief. If it happens from time to time - there is no great harm. However, when we allow ourselves to bring this type of relief every time any ailments occur, as a substitute for careful analysis of everything that may affect them, we run the risk of severe and long-term health problems. The disease 'suppressed' with drugs doesn't disappear. It goes underground and comes out in the form of a different illness, which we tend to treat as entirely new and another one to be 'combated.' If its location in the body is different from the other's one, we tend to treat it as unrelated, and as a rule, we don't see a common denominator between them. The liver pain, we say, is one thing, and the sinusitis is another.


Is it possible yet to heal yourself? And what does 'heal' mean anyway? Do we have to get a medical degree in order to cure ourselves?


Of course, we are not talking about accidents and emergencies which require complicated surgeries or therapies - in such cases, modern medicine is irreplaceable and priceless. It's not about extremes. However, the question is, can most diseases or ailments considered chronic be cured by 'ordinary' people like us, without the need of a doctor and modern medicines?


Due to the pursuit of quick relief and avoiding even temporary suffering from symptoms such as increased temperature, runny nose, a slight headache or other pains, itching or rash, we develop more serious diseases, which we ultimately don't associate with these symptoms, especially when we have suppressed them in the past.


We can learn a lot about healing from wild animals with healthy instincts. When an animal is sick, it usually goes to a secluded place, refuses food or even often water, and stays like that for hours or even days. It interchangeably sleeps and wakes up, and its body is trembling. It allows unconsciously self-regulatory processes in which activity and food would be a significant obstacle. When its body, which is a very autonomous system, completes the process of bringing the animal back into balance, it becomes active and replenishes what it needs.


We are not so different from animals. Our processes, if we allow them to do so, are similar. However, as we are entangled and engaged in civilization, we think we are not able to allow ourselves for as much time as our body and psyche would need to return to balance. Nobody would grant us a paid leave from work for two years. Or three. Or at least for six months. The body regenerates effectively, but quite slowly, especially if a lot of damage has been incurred in the process.


Curing our diseases with peace, rest and allowing the body sensations without trying to remove or soothe them too much, seems too simple and doesn't even come to our minds. Something like this CANNOT BE EFFECTIVE. ONLY THIS?! IMPOSSIBLE! What comes to mind are complex therapies, medications, and treatments. Also, because they are fast and we don't have time to heal. We want to eat, drink, and do what we want, then take a pill and feel good immediately. What doesn't come to mind is just waiting out and not doing anything, just letting it happen and wear off. The body 'is' to carry out 'our' commands - now!


It is often said that a runny nose, untreated, lasts a week and treated - seven days. It symbolically says that, with or without our efforts, certain diseases will last as long as they do. In the case of diseases that develop as a result of the frequent suppression of minor symptoms leading to them, 'reversing' them may take much longer and require much more persistence, patience, and fortitude. Withstanding this, however, is possible. The reward is health and not having to maintain this state with a sack of drugs until the end of our lives.


It doesn't take much to cure chronic diseases. We don't have to have medical expertise. The only thing we need to know is how to provide ourselves with the peace and rest necessary for regeneration. We need to mobilize all creativity in getting expertise on how to 'buy' the required time for our healing. Let's brainstorm with our families, friends, neighbors - any friendly and supportive souls and seriously consider where to get the finances and security for the time when our body and psyche need to regenerate. Let's find out who can take over our responsibilities, what out of our resources that is of less value to us than ourselves we can monetize. We don't need them as urgently as our own health. Besides, we can repurchase them later if we still need them, anyway. And when we manage to recover someday, we can support others in getting such 'health leave.'


How do we know that peace and rest will help cure our diseases?


In our civilization, we suffer from many diseases, and it would be a lot to discuss here, but for the sake of simplicity,  as an object for the analysis I picked up a group of diseases related to malfunction of just one, but the longest, nerve of our body - called the vagus nerve. It is very sensitive and easily disturbed by stress - traumas, dramatic experiences, chronic nervous situations. The consequences of its irritation may be symptoms that we wouldn't associate with any nerve malfunction. This nerve, however, runs starting from our head, through the larynx, vocal cords, salivary glands, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, and bladder all the way to the intestines. Any disturbance in this nerve function reflects the work of the organs that it innervates, but not only in them. We may not realize that our aches and pains, problems with breathing, stomach, heart, intestines or kidneys, asthma, obesity, speech problems, depression, stomach problems, thyroid problems and a long list of others - these are conditions that can be caused by a reaction of the vagus nerve to stress that we experience every day in the civilized world. On top of that, the known PTSD suffered by war veterans and other people exposed to any form of trauma is also considered one of these particular nerve disorders.


Can you heal yourself without treatment?

Symptoms are pieces of information about an imbalance in the body. Removing them on the way to quick comfort is a common mistake in thinking. Healing is just allowing the body to experience the symptoms in the peace and rest conditions.

Healing by Force of Nature

Agnieszka Pareto


Apart from breathing exercises, meditation, massage, and other natural methods suggested by conventional medicine doctors, the most effective is a 'simple' way to cure these ailments - long-term peace and rest and 'release' of the energy accumulated in the body due to stress. It is a long but powerful process.


How to get ourselves such peace and rest and not fall into debt and other financial problems? It is a challenging question that anyone who admits the importance of long-term deep rest as the best medicine needs to find an answer to it in their own life situation. They need to realize, though, how important their health and life are to them in the first place.


It's not easy to radically change our life financially, yet it is possible. Its absolute necessary condition, though, is the will to 'fight' for ourselves and our health. After all, is there anything more important than that? If we are sick and in pain, even a five-star hotel, azure sea, and drinks served underneath the palm trees will be like from behind the glass wall.


Recovering after years of suppressing our symptoms is simple, but not easy. Yet, most of all - it is possible as long as we are alive and determined.