Over my lifetime, I spent a lot of time both waiting for a doctor appointment and hours in waiting rooms. I spent a lot of money on medicines, knowing that I have to use them for the rest of my life, so that my disease wouldn't return ... In my case, thanks to the healing by force of nature, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.
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'Every good deed will be punished sooner or later.' What does this actually mean? In my opinion, it means pain experienced as a result of doing good to someone who does not distinguish what is good from what is pleasant as a good deed doesn't always mean immediate pleasure for the recipient.

Does it pay to be good when so many bad people do so very well?





We are born, raised, live, and die in a society governed by many beliefs, such as 'Work hard so you will achieve success,' 'Education will provide you with a good life,' 'No money, no honey,' 'Be good so you will be happy,' 'Love your neighbor as you would yourself' and so on. Many of them developed through the experiences of previous generations as a result of either the reality of those times or such reception or an interpretation of it; many grew based on religion, once providing society with a sense of security, meaning in life and the ordering principle of what to follow in life, defining quite precisely, what is right and what is wrong. What do we have in our contemporary world, since today's times seem to be leading to social, economic, moral, and all out destruction? Do we know how to live today in order to have a satisfying life? To work hard and honestly, unable to make ends meet while watching the multitudes of the dishonest revel in wealth and luxury? To tell the truth when you see how good it is for those who lie to others face? To be trustworthy and watch those who have betrayed the trust of many others countless times yet still acquire more power and wealth? How can you know it is better and even more beneficial to lead the life of a 'good' person, seeing all of this? And who is this 'good' man, anyway?


The world we live in, whether we are aware of it or not, functions according to specific invisible laws. As in the case of gravity, we bear all the consequences of its work, and although we may not feel it working each moment, we feel it when making any attempts to break those laws, such as breaking our neck when falling from the second floor.


It is similar to the rules by which our universe functions. Everything that exists is energy manifested as matter. Our thoughts, words, and actions represent a particular form of energy, and when we address a person or group of people, we send them our energy in the form of as if an e-mail with an attachment that affects an addressee. We attract precisely the same type of energy that we send out, and 'the same form of energy' doesn't necessarily mean identical material form.


We often doubt whether there is any justice in this world, because the so-called 'bad' people live a luxurious life at the expense of others, stealing, lying, destroying, manipulating and laughing to others' faces without bearing any consequences. On the other hand, we tend to believe the honest and 'good' live mediocre or poor lives, get sick, suffer, and their good deeds often turn against them.


Perhaps we are not fully aware of 'zero-one,' dualistic thinking like that, which results from acquired beliefs, not exactly from reality, as there are many rich, honest and 'good' people on one hand, and mean and poor 'bad' ones on the other. However, especially concerning dishonest people in power, that no justice reaches them for their abuses, no matter what we believe, the image we get seems to be proving we are right.


Perhaps it might be a consolation that even if there is no human justice in our world, there is still a kind of invisible 'energetic' justice or simply consequences of our actions, as in the law of gravity. It is hard to say where it comes from, but the observations made by shamans, sages, and philosophers over thousands and hundreds of years confirm the same observations. Genuinely 'good' thoughts and actions that serve the good of ourselves and others bring good in return. 'Bad' thoughts and actions, which harm ourselves and other people, bring harm in effect. It is sometimes difficult to see it from the outside because the economy of good and evil is visible only to the patient and those who look beyond what you can see with the physical eye.


One of my favorite writers, Prentice Mulford, spoke of the 'inner ugliness' that comes out over time to the outside of the evil-doer and is visible both literally in their face, but also sooner or later reflects in their health, relationships and the whole life. We would not envy the wealth of someone who manipulates, lies and steals as they have to be surrounded by equally false people whose 'friendship' is fueled by that person's account and what they can benefit from their connections, rather than on their true values, personality, and character qualities.


Looking from a more extended and more in-depth perspective, let's see if 'bad' people really can have a good life, where as a criterion of the good we consider honesty, kindness, trust and other qualities that probably do not accompany such people daily also in their personal relationships. It is impossible to switch from dishonesty to genuine honesty, from disrespect to respect, from hatred to love coming home from work. Either you are like that, or you are not.


Let's do our thing and surround ourselves with people who, by their actions, not words, show how they feel about others. Words are meaningful only when they are consistent with the actions. Otherwise, they are empty and meaningless.


How is it like about our thoughts? Can I bear vicious thoughts in my mind about someone, but smile dishonestly on the outside and be convinced I'm not doing anything wrong because I am nice? Unfortunately, or perhaps 'fortunately, ' the world's laws apply to each, even invisible, sphere of our lives. We can easily deceive a neighbor who doesn't have a sensitive energetic perception. Still, we can't flee from ourselves and dishonesty in thoughts will manifest energetically sooner or later either in the form of a similar situation or if such practice of ours is often, even in the form of a disease or life problems. On the other hand, those who hold genuine kindness to themselves, to other people and the surrounding world, may count on peace of mind and the inner satisfaction, and according to the world's laws - a gratification in the form of kindness from other 'good' people as well as various manifestations of the good in their lives.


These are the short and long term consequences of doing good. Who does it because they know it is the only right way, enjoys the very fact of leaving the world in a better condition than they found it, and the gratitude of others is an added value for them, but not a necessity. They would do it anyway because there is no other option for them.


In the case of doing good to people who are not morally healthy, I wouldn't  count on their gratitude at all, but rather their nasty reactions. This phenomenon is expressed in the well known saying, 'Every good deed will be punished sooner or later.' What does this actually mean? In my opinion, it means pain experienced as a result of doing good to someone who does not distinguish what is good from what is pleasant as a good deed doesn't always mean immediate pleasure for the recipient. Sometimes we can expose someone to painful bruises when pulling them out from under the wheels of a speeding truck. However, what is important is the final effect, as seen by a perceptive and understanding eye.


Being a good person provides us with a pleasant feeling of contributing to a broader community of people and undeniably beautiful awareness of your growth as a human being, to say nothing about better physical health and beauty, I mean genuine beauty, coming from within. It just doesn't pay to be 'bad' to anyone - it is even quite logical that nothing constructive can come out of mental, verbal, or physical destruction. Is it an easy task? Probably not, but satisfaction - priceless, and the abundance of this world - guaranteed in the long run.


Economy of a good man

It always pays to be good even when so many bad people do so very well.

Healing by Force of Nature

Agnieszka Pareto