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Action through non-action - a type of action that does not contain any element of struggle or excessive effort. It is maintaining a state of mind in which actions are quite effortless, in harmony with the current of life. Sometimes it also means to refrain from acting in favor of allowing another action, e.g. forces of nature
Pareto principle - to a large extent 20% of our outlays correspond to 80% of the effects (very simplified version)
Self-regulation of the body - the body's built-in ability to maintain a state of homeostasis and to restoring it when the body is out of it
In brief:


It all bothered me long before I reached the health crisis, which pushed me to completely reevaluate my thinking and forced me to apply the acquired knowledge and consciousness in practice. The last discovery, made basically shortly before making this decision that was important to me, was the realization of the principle of self-regulation of a living organism, which recovers from the disease on its own, if the obstacles that separate it from it disappear. All you need is to find out what these obstacles are and remove them.
A few years ago, probably not by accident, I came across information about an Italian economist whose discoveries and conclusions affected me like electricity. Because THIS was WHAT I was looking for for years. The so-called Pareto principle. In short and simplified, perhaps also in my inaccurate interpretation, this rule says that 20% of the workload usually leads to 80% of the effect. Little is enough to achieve much. Of course, if you use such a way of performing a given task, to make the least possible effect with the least effort possible. A kind of leverage, disproportionate to the small amount of work that produces impressive fruit. Like a jack in a car - you lift a several-ton machine with a few light presses on a small device. 

This discovery of one of my favorite rights confirmed my belief that what I am looking for does not only exist in my imagination. And it is simple and effective at the same time. That it does not require colossal effort on my part, but only looking for a lever to cure me.

Both of these principles still had to be translated into the language of the CONCRETE. So what exactly to do to heal yourself. Along the way, it turned out that many more questions would have to be answered.


The second thing that gave me no peace was the conviction that healing must be a SIMPLE thing. Maybe not easy, but simple. 

All my life I have felt that so-called hard work and bloody sweat when achieving goals are not the right way. At least for me. Somewhere deep down inside me I was convinced that great things, and generally anything in life, can be achieved with lightness and grace, all you have to do is know where to press the right button. This button is like a kind of lever that launches a whole set of processes that do all the work for us related to our goal, dream or, in general, an action to be performed. The only "job" associated with this is the job of a seeker of this place. So, my existence is not to do this work personally, but to find an effective way for it TO BE PERFORMED (it means that it is not necessarily because of me). Of course, I say this in a simplified way. Naturally, I have to do some work, but knowing the optimal way to do it, I will achieve an impressive effect with minimal cost.

My innate passion for laziness (yes, yes - "idleness" on the couch) made me look internally for what gives a great effect with a minimum of effort. At the time, I didn't know exactly what I was looking for. Because in my head I had discipline that punished me for laziness and chasing me to work (= actions according to a certain definition) an internal order.

So - exactly the same mistakes as for my illness, I went to the extreme from hard work, from exhaustion and exhaustion, to total laziness with entering the area of ​​neglect of certain duties due to excessive fatigue. Somehow I was not able to track this golden mean. But I didn't have a clear reference point either. The vague notion that something is all wrong.


Understanding only came when I saw with my eyes that ACTION IS ANY ACTIVITY - EVEN THAT UNKNOWN. For example, all processes in my body are the result of ACTION. OPERATIONS of an immeasurable amount of more or less autonomous particles that OPERATE very intensively. 24/7. Thanks to their fantastically organized ACTION, I live. Although the so-called "I" can sit on the proverbial sofa ISLESS.

I noticed, sitting in my inaction, that THE ACTION OF MY AWARENESS, MY MIND, HAS SIGNIFICANTLY SIGNIFICANT INFLUENCE ON MY ORGANISM. And I also noticed that consciousness, the mind has a certain degree of decision-making in relation to unconscious or rather unconscious processes occurring in the body.

A new understanding of activity appeared in me. The so-called action through non-action of the wise men of this world.

Practically speaking, I withdraw from all external activities, such as, for example, the use of measures that bring me immediate, temporary relief, and attach the waiting mode. Expectations of the body's response to this decision. I create conditions for my body to devote myself to the process of healing - preferably, the possibility of living in a natural rhythm, without an alarm clock, which has always seemed to me as perfect as in my understanding impossible. And see what happens.


I knew a lot before, of course, that I could do nothing by thinking and gaining knowledge, because I need cover in my work. I assumed I had to take care of my health. "I", which is the part of me that is responsible for knowledge and decision-making in relation to the body. And I looked after it. With all strength. It's just that until now I understood as an action active, in other words - hand-held, external, invented by my mind to remove the effects of my illness. However, it turned out that the assumption was good, but incomplete. Because it depends on what definition we take. In other words, what we think is action and what is not. And what will be its subject and what will be its subject. In my opinion, the so-called sitting on the proverbial couch and "doing nothing" was not an action. That's how I was brought up and taught. The action was "actively doing" work, typically socially understood. In my acquired ignorance, I did not assume that even if the so-called "I" is sitting on this sofa or even sleeping (is sitting and sleeping, action, by the way ?, since we are already in the subject ...), there is something inside time works to keep me alive and to give me the best quality of life.
My misunderstanding of the essence of "action" and the assumption that only a certain type of action can be classified as action, work, led me, among others, to a poor standard of living. And that is why, despite the decision to help myself and to use other methods to help me regain health, not only that it did not improve, but even the disease deepened to a degree preventing me from normal functioning.



I've tried many ways to recover before. From the moment I realized that a condition that had hampered my life since its almost beginning was called a disease, I became interested in the subject of diseases, their causes, treatment, and similar issues. I studied the subject in various ways, reaching for both conventional and alternative medicine. I wanted to heal and feel good. It seemed almost impossible to know more. (Literally, of course, this is a literary expression for the enormity of information that I have read in this topic). It's just that I couldn't apply this knowledge. I circled the subject like a fly around a horse's dung, but I still didn't understand the point.

I also felt, however, some sixth sense that it was not my way. "To", that is, on the one hand, steroid medications and surgery, on the other - special diets, yoga, breathing techniques, affirmations, visualizations, positive thinking and similar acts of conscious action for health. Not that they are bad. Just incompatible with my nature. Although - what exactly is my nature - I did not know either. I tried many of these techniques on myself, I won't say. In relation to none, however, I felt that it was for me.

I read hundreds of kilos of books about healing and making changes in my life, and although the advice they gave sounded beautiful, I couldn't use any of them. Everywhere attacked me very attractive-sounding slogans such as: Love yourself !, Be good to yourself !, Start taking care of yourself !, Put yourself first! But my own questions bite me even more: But how? How? How? What does this mean exactly ?! So, what exactly should I do? !!! What first step should you take?

I couldn't find the answer anywhere. So I kept wandering about ...

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