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3 basic rules of Healing by Force of Nature

Where is the whole idea from?

Breakthrough in thinking and the great beginning

How exactly I started healing


conviction of loved ones that I hurt myself

What happened to me sometimes did not look good if one looks from outside and thinks in categories of conventional medicine, and this is average. My relatives, despite my assurances that these were all stages of recovery, were worried and they were just sorry that I was suffering. And it was hard for me to watch them suffer because they don't know what I am in the name of what suffering is and that it will not only end in a while, but also bring spectacular results. For now, they feel helpless, unable to help me. I was lonely in my suffering and they in my own. We were only partially able to communicate in it. I knew that the only way to save them from their discomfort and fear of me was ... to show them my well-being! And it seems that they slowly "heal" their fears as I present better and better health.
Healing by nature has required and still requires a lot of patience and a load of instinctive knowledge that what appears to be sometimes a step, or even a step backward, is actually only a stage that needs to be endured by applying a constant "policy" of pressure forward. It is quite a difficult time full of doubts as to whether the mind accidentally deceives me and whether this treatment is really true. Well, it may turn out that I'm completely wrong, and my efforts and suffering will prove futile, because I made the wrong assumptions.

I can already confirm that I will never come to such a conclusion, because even if I could not theoretically achieve the assumed goal (for the record - allowing the forces of nature to act so that the body itself removes polyps from the paranasal sinuses), nothing is in vain - the total health effect that I have achieved to this day cannot be overestimated.

The challenge during prolonged pain and difficulty in breathing was the many temptations lurking along this path to take advantage of the old, good, tried-and-tested method of bringing relief and "not to tire again". I have done so several times, but - as I write in my diary - I had to pay a fairly high price for it.

doubt over longer periods of time without significant improvement

headaches lasting for months

One of the biggest challenges were headaches, which - to withstand them - forced me to concentrate enormously. Only a full focus on "cooperation" with pain, that is, an action that made it possible to bear it at all, allowed me at that time not only to go away from my senses, but even to strengthen myself mentally and cure the fear of pain through experience on its very beneficial effects. I managed to survive it all and feel it and see for myself how much it was needed.
If I knew what I now know, many weeks of migraine pain would be much easier. I see how much knowledge gives me huge amounts of hope and strength to endure hardships. I did not have any reference as to how it will be and how long it will last, based on external information. However, I had a strong instinctive belief in the right direction and in difficult times it served me as a signpost and lifebuoy.

And with asthma - it was similar in some ways. The hardest times were the first times when I didn't know "how it works", I didn't know what it would look like, if I would choke for hours, days or weeks and if I could stand it all. It gave rise to fear and bound me even more and made breathing difficult. However, I found out that the longest attack lasted the most severely maybe a few hours, but there were not so many. Most, if only I managed to control my fear and force me to breathe calmly, brought relief after an hour, even faster, and a dry, suffocating cough turned into a moist and allowed to cough up secretions and clear the airways. Looking from a week perspective, the body is learning and learning to get out of these attacks better and better. I no longer feel fear of them, I am more relaxed, which provides greater ease and freedom, and the shortness of breath itself is becoming weaker over time.

asthma attacks

A huge challenge was (because it is not anymore - now I live my own rhythm and I enjoy it immensely and health returns faster). classic working life, where:
I have to "go" to work and my employer sets the rhythm of my work for most of the day, and where everything goes wrong
I have responsibility for financially dependent children who I need to support,
I have to function socially, i.e. work with people and not burden them with the effects of my malaise, which boils down to hiding it,
I have to perform a number of quite demanding professional duties, especially difficult with headaches - an 8-hour day at the computer in a large American corporation.
It all consumed a lot of energy, taking it from the pool to rest, regenerate and devote itself fully to the forces of nature. It strongly disturbed the healing process.
I noticed that while I was functioning "socially", I suppressed my symptoms, masked what I really felt, strained, strained and forced myself to do what I didn't feel like doing at all. I used huge amounts of energy to maintain a certain facade, depleting the resources needed to regenerate the body. Because during the healing process I had periods without my own rhythm and with my own rhythm, I see a fundamental difference between them in favor of those according to my own rhythm. It was difficult for me to achieve it in my busy life. However, apparently determination has won.

swollen sinuses, watery eyes - lasting for weeks

full-time job with full spectrum of symptoms

Indeed, the sinuses that swell up and down the water, tearful and burning eyes for almost the first few weeks.
If someone is in the subject and suffers from chronic rhinitis or has someone close to them, I do not need to explain how it feels. Everything gets dealt with, simply speaking.

stuffy nose 24/7 for 1.5 years and not a day break

If someone had told me a few years earlier that I would have such a situation - I would not believe that it can be endured.
After stopping the medication, my nose got blocked completely and completely. I wasn't able to breathe in or out. Nights have become a real nightmare and a path through torture. I woke up many times with a completely dry mouth and a feeling of being stuck in my nose like a tennis ball. The feeling of pushing inside the sinuses, at the same time dripping salt water and the total inability to blow out the contents of the nose made me feel hopeless despair, panic, anger, and finally sadness and apathy (transient happiness).
In the process I decided on and which - I'm sure - leads me to health, my nose is still blocked most of the time, but I still get better and I can see that I am able to go through knowing what is at stake. And over time, the nose will become completely unobstructed. Sometimes it is - more and more.

Biggest challenges of the healing process

Healing by Force of Nature
Agnieszka Matysiak