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3 basic rules of Healing by Force of Nature

Where is the whole idea from?


Breakthrough in thinking and the great beginning

How exactly I started healing

Biggest challenges of the healing process

Even when I make eating mistakes, healing always goes on. Maybe it only slows down if I feel worse under the influence of worse decisions. However, the knowledge I acquire in this process is invaluable. With each such situation, the dialogue of body and mind gains new levels of subtlety.

What diet serves best in Healing by Force of Nature?

I eat everything I want at the moment, within reason and to the intuitive knowledge of what is good for me.
If I sometimes eat or drink what is not good for me, and what seemed to me to be dictated by an intuitive message, I feel not very well. This experimental knowledge is useful for another similar case. Thanks to such examples, I learn to distinguish intuitive (supportive) information from conditional, based on "I want" more than "I need".
When I feel worse after consuming anything, I go back to the moment when I "wanted" this food and / or drink and I feel it again to look at it with new knowledge, after the fact. I am analyzing a signal that I considered intuition and which turned out to be false. Comparing this situation with others, where I chose well for myself, I have a reference point later, according to which I make further, more useful decisions.

Healing diet

Healing by Force of Nature
Agnieszka Matysiak