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3 basic rules of Healing by Force of Nature

Breakthrough in thinking and the great beginning

How exactly I started

Biggest challenges of the healing process




If you look at it so closely, then what I served myself unconsciously for years to my own body was almost the same as telling someone who attempts to cope with the problem on their own, but at first it doesn't work well: , you don't get tired too much. I'll do it better. Do not even try. Leave. " 
Many times, for fear of temporary, maybe a little more suffering, that is, full exposure to symptoms, I removed them diligently and as a result I was exposed to suffering for many years and very poor quality of life. I know that now. I didn't know for many years. However, ignorance of the LAW did not release me from liability.
Of course I wanted to do well. But my ignorance combined with the power over the body did severe damage to him. As usual, it is ignorance. In conjunction with the authorities ...
Where exactly did my sinus polyps and any health problems come from? All in all, I can't figure it out - whether I was born this way or something in my life led to it - too many variables for me here and too few reference points. I have some hypotheses that I will develop in one of the chapters, but more about the nature of my conclusions from my own observations, something like the observed dependencies. Nevertheless, whatever the causes of these illnesses, the present moment and the way in which I finally began to part with them in my life were more important to me.


I do not really know what was the "click" in my head, a turning point in consciousness, which resulted in a decision on a completely different approach to the issue of providing your body with comfort in illness.
However, in general, the moment that strongly pushed me not only to think about any change at all, but to apply it radically, was to reach the border where strong steroid nasal drops were no longer able to shrink the nasal mucosa and polyps enough to make me through her nose she was able to breathe. When I just started waking up at night, suffocating, and the day stopped differing in this respect from the night, something spilled in me.
When I stopped breathing even using strong medicines, the question arose - what next? operation? life on steroids and then another surgery? and another one? and steroids again for the rest of your life? Some part of me knew they were nowhere. I was afraid of it internally, but I knew - I do not know how, but I knew that the ONLY ANSWER THAT seemed right, meant standing eye to eye with ... discomfort.
This discomfort, in my case, was a feeling of the consequences of discontinuing medications that gave me this comfort (delusional enough, but still) and openness to something that might come once I make that decision. You don't know what. Which can most likely be very unfriendly. I felt, however, that THE HIGHEST TIME IS TO MEASURE WITH THIS, whatever it may be.


Before, after years of mistakes and suffering, I finally learned to act in favor of my own health, I made decisions about too much comfort, at least the one provided by medicines and  decisions that consequently were to suppress and even remove symptoms. I did not realize that it was the same as cutting off the proverbial cable from the flashing engine oil level indicator because it is annoying for the driver.

How much is 'as much as you need' of this comfort to help and not harm?

It took me a long time to find out, in the arduous learning of the dialogue between the mind and the body ('mind and body' and their dialogue - it is also one of my key discoveries in this process). I was groping in the dark on the way of many falls, many days of hopelessness and the feeling that something is wrong but I have no clue what and being convinced that such life does not make any further sense. 'such life' meaning in constant indisposition, in sickness and without energy. It took me a long time to find out that ... this amount of comfort is not a constant value even for myself.

Now, however, once I have found out how it works, the internal dialogue between the mind and the body goes smoothly like breathing. The mind constantly monitors the sensations from the body and makes the right decisions for both to maintain health. (THE HEALTH which has become something KNOWN for some time). Like a radiator thermostat that maintains the set temperature level. However, before this internal dialogue and the subjects of this dialogue reached my consciousness - simplified body and mind, I spent years in complete darkness of ignorance.


Well, now I see it, and back then I didn't, that I completely misunderstood the idea of ​​relief and comfort in a disease situation over the years. Yes, I was bringing COMFORT with medicines to my body, but practice showed definitely that it MOVED IT AWAY FROM HEALTH all the time. I was getting more and more sick. Why? Why should comfort prevent the body from getting better and not help? 

Relatively recently, just shortly before I have started my healing process, I came to the conclusion that comfort is not bad by itself. From the observation I also concluded that if the suffering due to the disease is already too great, it is necessary to provide it to the body at least to a minimum degree, otherwise the suffering will, with high probability, deprive the body of the forces needed for healing. I noticed, however, in me that you need to know how much to give it to get it mobilized again, and not to intoxicate it, dulling its self-regenerative abilities. By the way, 'self-regenerative abilities of the body' - this, as it turned out, was one of my greatest breakthrough discoveries on the way to healing.


As I see it for a relatively short time, my body from the very beginning of my life has been sending me information over the years that something bad is going on in it. However, it wasn't until my adulthood or even maturity, or when I knew what was going on in my body, that I started to think about these signals as signals sent by my own body. Earlier, it could be simplified, I just suffered without knowing that I was suffering because I lacked any point of reference. I have never been healthy for as long as I can remember, so I didn't know I was sick.

These signals, which finally began to reach me in adulthood as signals that are worth paying attention to as objects for analysis, were chronic runny nose extending for weeks and months almost without interruption, ear and tooth aches, headache, lack of energy and Willingness to live, swelling of the face and whole body, bags under the eyes, loss of smell and taste, intestinal problems and a long list of other symptoms.

Before I began to perceive body signals as information, I received them only as anguish, weakness and suffering. I felt bad overall and in the unconscious I was trying to bring somehow some relief to be able to function and take on various life activities from day to day.

For this purpose, I took drugs for years, which - from my current perspective, were to remove my discomfort caused by the feeling of very unpleasant disease symptoms, and from the perspective of that time - they were supposed to bring relief, but in consequence lead to the condition that I instinctively sought from the beginning my existence, but I didn't know it was called health.


I can honestly say that I have spent most of my life laboriously tearing through it, but at some moment I felt subconsciously (I have no idea when exactly) that it does not have to be the case and that somewhere there is a way to live different, I just need it to find way to get out of this matrix. I have never fully accepted the fact that I will always feel bad and therefore I have never stopped in the subconscious search to get out of this condition. 

Many years passed, however, before even vague thoughts appeared in my head that my condition has some certain nature, which is characterized by regularity, that there are some observable dependencies and rules and that maybe one can get to know this nature, maybe to understand whether I have any influence and an active role in it or just a passive, as its victim. And if it turns out that I have an impact on it, is it so significant that I can cause it to disappear from my body.



As long as I can remember, all my life since childhood, I was feeling  generally sick and had various health problems as  these were both specific and unspecified ailments. At the time I had no idea that I was just feeling bad and that I had health problems. Now I call it 'health problems' because I already know that kind of condition I was experiencing back then was called this way. At that time, my life often seemed a nightmare because I needed to put an incredible effort to be able to function in the so-called world. Instead of enjoying the fitness of a young body, I was constantly sick and exhausted.

It probably sounds strange, because how you can not know that you feel bad, in my case though it was exactly that. I did not even realize that since childhood I have felt bad, that I had a very low energy level, that doing anything which was easy for many but for me - at least physically - it was difficult and I needed to get over myself to do simplest things. If I had been able to realize anything back then, I would have probably laid down in bed and gotten up only if I had to. However, because I looked completely normal on the outside (internal strength gave me incredible possibilities to pretend I'm making it because I wanted to be like others) and you couldn't tell something was wrong with my health, and I didn't know it myself, most of my life I forced myself to do things I had no strength for, and therefore often I didn't feel like doing them. However, in order to function socially, I was just doing them all, consuming energy that I did not have and it all happened at the expense of my energy reserves. These are special reserves, which, I think, the body has in case of extreme situations in life, where at the expense of the condition of certain organs and processes, it shifts energy to save the physical system from death or serious damage. If such a situation is one-off or it lasts a short time, the body has time and the right conditions to rebuild the losses and restore normal functioning, no harm is done to it. If the situation is chronic, an energy debt of the body comes to being which results in impaired functioning of the entire system. This is how it looked in my case and my debt grew over the years without my awareness.
Most of my life I had respiratory problems due to asthma or sinusitis. I spent a lot of time looking for help with conventional medicine - since I was a child and later in my life on my own. I am extremely grateful for inventions in this field and for the wonderful medicines as well as the possibility for survival in general and to alleviate suffering, but in my case, they still did not give me a cure and freedom from disease. Even worse - with my unconsciously irresponsible approach, they gave me wide opportunities to close myself for further discoveries for long periods of my life, allowing me to function fairly comfortable when I was taking strong medicines, without having to give up being stuck in a situation that probably caused the sickness and / or intensified it.

Where is the whole idea from?

Healing by Force of Nature
Agnieszka Matysiak