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Benefits that are first visible

Healed nasal polyps help combat other diseases

Appearance improvement

Seeing beyond - nasal polyps symbolics

Extra bonus of Healing by Force of Nature

Simplicity of treatment

One of the forms of the low cost of natural healing is also about its simplicity. Nature does all the complicated healing processes while I take care of what falls within my scope of competence which is living simply and following my body's needs rhythm.

Simplicity and efficiency are a manifestation of my favorite Pareto principle and so has the healing of the nasal polyps naturally. Not having to give up anything that I like doing, eating or drinking, I live a normal life and still notice changes for the better in my health every day. I save lots of energy without having to think about chasing doctors, making appointments, waiting for the date of the next surgery or checkups, thinking about how much of my medicines I have left and if maybe I need a new prescription, as well as worrying about what happens if I can't get it, especially in the coronavirus pandemic, uncertainty of the future is at play here. I have my own doctor and nurse 'on board' who optimally set healing parameters for me and monitor my health 24/7. Now that I understand their language after years of communication errors, I basically know how to follow my internal doctor's orders and even if I don't at the moment, pain or respiratory problems induce me to full presence and focus, that help me slowly find out what the signals meant and how I should proceed the next time.

Zero cost of treating nasal polyps naturally

The great advantage of treating nasal polyps naturally is its zero cost. Nature is abundant and gives limitlessly, without asking for anything in return.

I've been curing myself with no cost. I live a relatively normal life as it's only  limitations are more or less bothersome symptoms which have been getting milder over time. Compared to the time when I used prescriptions to shrink polyps in my nose, breathing comfort is obviously less, however, I don't complain as this type of healing process requires fortitude and patience when the disease is in an advanced stage. Gratification is definitely delayed, although it differs depending on patients. This is the only drawback that I see in healing by forces of nature, but looking at the whole package - relatively small, after all.

No cost of medicines, doctors, surgeries. Just normal life and following your body's rhythm

Healing by Force of Nature is cheap

Healing by Force of Nature
Agnieszka Matysiak 
Over my lifetime, I spent a lot of time both waiting for a doctor appointment and hours in waiting rooms. I spent a lot of money on medicines, knowing that I have to use them for the rest of my life, so that my disease wouldn't return ... In my case, thanks to the healing by force of nature, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

Agnieszka Matysiak 
Healing by Force of Nature


Conditions necessary for healing to occur

My own healing process and its challenges

BENEFITS of healing by force of nature

Symbolic meaning of nasal polyps and sinus diseases


No medicines, no surgeries - when Nature is your doctor