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Conditions necessary for healing to occur

How I understood what healing is at all

How I came up with concept of this healing method

My method of healing nasal polyps and sinuses


Healing by force of nature requires a lot of patience and persistence. Some stages seem like a step backward, but are in fact a time when the healing takes place, but it follows the logic of the body, which is in contrast to the academic logic. However, knowing this process, I know that healing occurs continuously, and some stages seem to be regressing, but they are not. You just have to wait them out, just like the others.

During the time of prolonged pain and difficulty in breathing, there have been many temptations to take advantage of the good old method of quick relief and take medicines, that I found challenging. I did that a few times, but as I had to pay a fairly high price, it discouraged me from using this shortcut in the future.

Doubt in longer periods with no noticeable improvement

The first times were the most difficult as I didn't know what it would look like and whether I would make it without medicines. I had no reference whether I would suffocate for hours, days or weeks and whether I would endure it all. It was fearful and it made me tense and even harder to breathe. However, I found that the most prolonged attack lasted at its highest intensity, perhaps several hours, but there weren't that many. Most, as long as I managed to control my fear and force myself to breathe gently, was relieved after an hour, even faster, and a dry, suffocating cough would turn to a moist one that allowed me to expectorate and clear my airways.

In retrospect, the body learned from each attack faster and easier to recover. I no longer feel fear of the attacks, I am more relaxed, which provides greater ease and freedom, and the waves of breathlessness themselves are getting weaker and weaker.

Asthma attacks

You need to be focused on what you feel

Migraine type headaches

One of the biggest challenges were severe headaches. Although I managed to survive them and see how beneficial it was not to take any medications. I learned from my own experience that the pain is related to some blockage in the flow of energy, and when I was able to relax my body so that it could 'pass through' the place where the blockage was located, it turned into heat, and after some time it dissipated. From that moment on, I have noticed increased energy levels and significant progress towards my health. Knowing what I know about pain now - how valuable it is, though unpleasant, I would never have decided on a headache pill again.

After giving up the medicines to shrink the nasal mucosa, my nose blocked entirely. I couldn't draw the air in or out through it, and the first such opportunity appeared after a few weeks. These were short moments during the day. Over time, the moments began to lengthen to hours.

Stuffy nose for days and nights without break

The nights were a horror

The first nights were unbearable. I would wake up many times with the inside of my mouth completely dry, and a feeling like a tennis ball was stuck deep down in my nose. The feeling of pushing inside my sinuses, with saltwater dripping from them and total inability to blow my nose, made me feel hopeless and despair as I was having trouble breathing.

Over time, though, I got used to sleeping with my mouth open and still getting a good sleep.

Once you get there, the view makes you forget all hardships

Broken dam on the river

After stopping the medicines, a wave came that could be compared to a broken dam on a river. What had been forcibly held back for months started pushing into my sinuses and head all at the same time. I felt horrible, but I understood that I had to allow it, so all I could do was lie down with my eyes closed because it was the only way to feel so so relief. The mucosa of the nose and sinuses swelled, and salty water poured from between the puffed tissues. I often felt like sneezing and the tickling in my nose was driving me crazy.

Symptoms that are hard to withstand unless you know what 's at stake

My healing process and its challenges

Waves of strong emotions

An essential element of the healing by force of nature is releasing the energy suppressed in the body. Some portions come out through physical symptoms, while the others - through psychological, in the form of waves of emotions and verbalized beliefs that follow them.


Often, along with or following physical symptoms, apparently unrelated waves of emotions appeared - anger, helplessness, sadness, regret, and despair. Despite wanting to act under their influence and react to them in reality, I DIDN'T SAY OR DO ANYTHING. I did not interact with anyone during these emotions, nor did I allow attention to be distracted from feeling within me until they dissipated.


Feeling emotions in the body is the most important 

I withdraw into myself and I FEEL what is happening. Until the emotions and sensations in the body eventually fade and dissipate.
At times I cried endlessly.

Waiting out the wave of emotions releases the energy blocked in the body

After waiting out the symptoms, I notice that a wave of energy releases from the body, that has been blocked so far. I feel like some energetic 'vise grip' holding the body from within is loosening up. With each withstood symptom, more and more blockages are removed, and the body's energy flow returns. It means in practice that the symptoms gradually weaken and disappear, and the body gets better.
It is like releasing a blocked current of the river, which afterwards flows more freely, picks up and cleans itself up by washing all the sediments and trash that have been stuck on its banks.
Again an analogy to the river, current, flow ... There must be something to it.
Healing by Force of Nature
Agnieszka Matysiak 
Over my lifetime, I spent a lot of time both waiting for a doctor appointment and hours in waiting rooms. I spent a lot of money on medicines, knowing that I have to use them for the rest of my life, so that my disease wouldn't return ... In my case, thanks to the healing by force of nature, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

Agnieszka Matysiak 
Healing by Force of Nature


Conditions necessary for healing to occur

My own healing process and its challenges

BENEFITS of healing by force of nature

Symbolic meaning of nasal polyps and sinus diseases


No medicines, no surgeries - when Nature is your doctor