Over my lifetime, I spent a lot of time both waiting for a doctor appointment and hours in waiting rooms. I spent a lot of money on medicines, knowing that I have to use them for the rest of my life, so that my disease wouldn't return ... In my case, thanks to the healing by force of nature, it doesn't have to be that way anymore.
Agnieszka Pareto
Healing by Force of Nature


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Benefits that are first visible

Healed nasal polyps help combat other diseases

Appearance improvement

Healing by Force of Nature is cheap

Extra bonus of Healing by Force of Nature

Symptoms as bodily expressions of what we fail to manifest in a healthy way

Time to open my eyes

Thanks to my intensive research, I have noticed that the disease has an informative and complementary function. Informative, because it informs that something was committed against the laws of nature and complementary, because nature tends to complement whatever is missing according to the individual's blueprint. If for any reason the full spectrum of an individual can't be manifested, nature uses as if 'a prosthesis' to complement an individual's missing part, in order to manifest them to the fullest possible way in given conditions and creates a sort of a substitute element for something that has been emotionally buried and is still present, even though not visible. 

The informational and complementary functions of my nasal polyps are:

the informational part - manifestation in a physical form of the parasitic growths on my sinuses, that with my everyday decisions I keep violating one of the laws of nature by not standing up for my rights and dignity and since there is no manifestation of occupying my righteous space in my mental and emotional reality, there comes...

the complementary part - providing me with the prosthesis in a form of physical manifestation of occupying space (nasal polyps) to make me full.

In brief, the disease 'informed' me through symptoms (nasal polyps) that I was not occupying my righteous space correctly and showed me how to do it as the polyps do it indeed perfectly.

So now it is high time I opened my eyes.

Polyps take up my space, because I don't take care of mine properly

Informational and complementary function of the disease

And this violates the law of giving and receiving

So I always choose others, because I don't want to feel guilty

I agree to what I don't want.


My nasal polyps have shown me that my space, where the air flows, has been taken up and two out of my five senses have ceased to function and the energy I produce is consumed by parasitic growths that are fused within me.

I did not immediately notice where and how my living space and my rights were given up to the others. Literally? I have lived in such a way always and initially I was not able to extract the reference situation from the current situation for a simple reason - I did not know what the blueprint condition was as I must have lost the connection with the built-in sense of justice pattern that every living being has and according to which, they make (if they are healthy) optimal decisions concerning their life. How did I lose that connection? I am not sure which events from the past to blame and this is not what I would like to focus on now, as I don't have any influence on the past anyway. 

I needed to understand what 'take or occupy my space by others' means. Does that mean that someone sleeps in my bed or eats from my plate or wears my clothes? It could also be that of course, in extreme cases, however, I thought that more subtle issues were the point here.

Figuratively speaking, I noticed that if I allow a not so subtle guest to occupy my home and although being angry deep inside, I do not ask the guest to leave, furthermore, I provide the guest with all available resources and treat them better than the owner of this house, who is myself, I must be breaking some law of nature here. Does this law have any known name? I am not sure, however, if I act in a similar way in most life situations, where I don't stand up for my rights in the cases where others violate them, because I was taught it was wrong, even if consciously I knew it was bullshit, every decision that I make based on that false belief makes my frustration grow and turn into anger over time. If it ended up with anger it wouldn't have been all that bad, but if the anger never was transformed into action, it was buried deep inside and forgotten. An apathy was born, which was like a silent 'consent' to the intruder's constant presence in my home.

A healthy being often uses a gentle means of persuasion and when that doesn't work, they get rid of the intruder by force. A creature with a damaged value system, such as myself, confines within their shell and although agitated, it doesn't react, remaining stuck in this uncomfortable situation. Over time, they get used to these feelings and to such decisions. They don't know that they could have made different decisions, but as every action as well as not taking action have consequences, so if there is a cause to act (anger) and the action, driven by it, is not taken, emotions of distress and helplessness are being built up as a consequence and change into the disease symptoms over time as no energy disappears without trace.

Because I have a virus in my software

What virus?

Guilt when it comes to choosing myself over somebody else

An intruder in my home?

Nasal polyps can easily be considered an intruder in my own space. There is no doubt that they should not be present in a healthy body.

I would like to take a closer look at other cases of 'nasal polyps life situations' and find out if they are similar and contain certain emotional patterns that I present here about my life. Perhaps, an emotional background to this disease is something that can be grasped and described as a pattern of decisions that  are harmful to oneself, for some reason. What does it mean by saying 'harmful' and harmful in what particular way? Maybe  it would be possible, by the effort of many minds, to create a map indicating the areas free from the disease and those that are most likely leading to it. My case, although seemingly possible to be interpreted this way and many others, that I have only heard or read about, is not enough to support my conclusions and could be a message for others with similar symptoms to reflect on their lives and notice their harmful pattern. However, and hence my appeal, since I have a strong belief that it is true, I would not be surprised to find its confirmation in the stories of many people, who suffered from nasal polyps, if only they would want to share their life stories with me.

I suspect, based on my observations, that there are patterns - mental equivalents, of all diseases having similar symptoms. I think that any illness - understood - becomes unnecessary and disappears as not only in my opinion is the disease the result of violating the laws of nature. Consciously or not, we 'create' our own diseases and ignorance of these laws does not absolve us from the consequences of breaking them.

I am convinced that no amount of time spent on searching for where and how we 'break the law', is a waste of time. For those who have already suffered from a disease, it is by all means worth every effort to find the reason why they suffer, as the process of searching for the meaning of our disease changes our status from the hapless victim to an active researcher of the truth, that we have more influence on our own disease than we think as a civilization.

Once I have found the meaning in my suffering and realized my role in my own disease, I began to look for anything that could lead me to its understanding and after some time, I started perceiving an analogy between my life decisions and their results in my body, these are physical symptoms - nasal polyps. This resemblance struck me very hard, once I have noticed that my own body situation is a physical manifestation of how I stand up for my rights and dignity. In my opinion, the sinuses represent life space in the physical dimension and their actual condition - the way the individual rights are respected. I made for myself an exciting discovery, that the body generally is a physical manifestation of how I treat myself overall, but the sinuses particularly told me a lot about how much I gave up my space to the others and why.
Respect my rights, respect my dignity

My hypothesis - nasal polyps reflect the way I stand up for my rights and dignity

Seeing beyond - nasal polyps symbolics

Analogy of my health crisis and the coronavirus pandemic

Regarding the symbolism, of not only the nasal polyps themselves, but the body's condition in general, when I am observing the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic, I can't resist the feeling how much it reminds me of my own health situation.


I see an analogy between two pairs: my body - my mind and the earth (mother nature - if you prefer) - people.
As in the case of my body, which began healing after my mind stopped deciding what is good for it in its ignorance and likewise, the earth, after the coronavirus locked people down in their homes and their destructive influence on it was significantly limited, it began to show signs of regeneration and that's been happening, not because someone saved, fixed, treated or cleaned it up. 
It turns out that it was enough for it TO BE LEFT ALONE...
My decision to withdraw the mind from decisions concerning the body that do not respect its needs and 'leave it alone', just like withdrawing human kind's harmful decisions concerning the earth and 'leaving it alone', in both cases result in  returning these complicated organisms back to equilibrium. So little effort and so much at the same time.
What I'm interested here, is whether the analogy between the two pairs extend also to the subject of errors in decision making intelligence. In my case, the health crisis resulted in self-analysis and the discovery of errors made by my decision-making intelligence, which my mind is, understanding them and making the correct decision as a result, which in brief was allowing the body to self-regulate and not disturbing it in its natural process. What about the earth? Is the earth's health crisis and the 'impeachment' of the destructive decision-maker (us humans) by a raging coronavirus, an accidental, tragic coincidence or a conscious decision of some intelligence that is a part of the universe's 'body'? 
After years of mismanagement in my body as in the body of the earth, it is kind of beneficial, despite all the tragic situations worldwide, that they both can rest without being disturbed.
It seems to me that in the long run, however, it is not about the extremes, that my body remains without my mind decisions and the earth without peoples', but about understanding that the decisions of both must serve their needs, interests and the crisis and isolation situation seems to be an excellent opportunity for deep reflection on what the decisions that serve stand for.
As reality shows, a horse without a clumsy rider is able to function quite well for some time, although the synergy of a horse with a good rider could bring an incomparably greater value than their functioning separately, however, the rider would have to understand that the highest level of leadership is service and to give up the role of an arrogant ruler who 'knows better' as the body and its larger equivalent - Nature's patience is limited.


Analogy of my nasal polyps and 'a virus in my mind software'

I am very curious whether anyone who is reading my words and has been suffering from similar diseases, has a decision-making pattern in life similar to that which, in my hypothesis, had an impact on my disease.


Healing by Force of Nature

Agnieszka Pareto